Connect gives direct response advertisers a fast and easy platform to rapidly increase their lead generation efforts through local, regional or national performance based radio campaigns. In turn, our leading edge platform gives radio stations a turnkey solution to access offers from top notch direct response advertisers and monetize excess inventory on an as-needed, real time basis. is committed to the highest level of service, ensuring the needs our advertisers and participating radio stations are not only met, but exceeded. We look forward to working with you. is a joint venture between two of the leaders in direct response advertising, Barrington Media Group and

Barrington Media Group is a full service, national, direct response, media and marketing company with expertise in all facets of direct-response advertising including Radio Media, Per Inquiry Print Media, Creative Development, Interactive, Research and Analytics, Inbound/Outbound Call Center Management and Campaign Revenue Maximization. is the world's largest print advertising marketplace, specializing in performance-based print advertising initiatives. Mediabids' website allows advertisers and publications to leverage sophisticated online tools to facilitate newspaper & magazine advertising transactions. MediaBids is also home to a unique per-inquiry print advertising program that has helped generate hundreds of thousands of leads for some of the foremost direct-response advertisers in the US.

Developed from the collective capabilities and experience of Barrington Media Group and MediaBids, gives direct response advertisers and radio stations an unprecedented opportunity to connect and optimize collective revenue generation opportunities.

  • Performance based radio advertising
  • Local, regional or national distribution options
  • Rapidly grow lead generation flow

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  • Turn time into money - as needed and real time
  • New advertisers
  • Fast and easy reporting and payment

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